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Adobe unveils Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model

+ Apple continues to acquire AI startups without us knowing

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🚨Adobe unveils Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model

🔍 Apple continues to acquire AI startups without us knowing

+ Other quick AI developments you should know…

Main Story: At MAX London, Adobe debuted its Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model, the next major release in its family of creative generative AI models. Available in beta in Photoshop and the Firefly web application, Firefly Image 3 brings significant advancements in quality, control, and efficiency to the creative process.

Dive deeper:

  • Firefly Image 3 delivers higher-quality image generations, better understanding of prompts, new levels of detail and variety, and faster creative expression and ideation.

  • New auto-stylization capabilities, powered by a style engine, provide more control and personalization over generated image styles, colors, backgrounds, and subject poses.

  • Structure Reference and Style Reference features enable users to quickly generate images that match the structure and style of reference images, eliminating trial and error in prompt writing.

  • Improvements in photographic quality, rich detail, prompt accuracy, and illustrations make ideation for various assets more efficient.

  • Adobe Firefly Services and Custom Models allow enterprises to integrate generative AI into their workflows and train models based on their IP, product, and brand styles.

What to know: Apple quietly acquired Datakalab, a Paris-based artificial intelligence startup specializing in algorithm compression and embedded AI systems. The acquisition, finalized on December 17, 2022, is part of Apple's broader strategy to bring more sophisticated AI technology to its devices.

Dive deeper:

  • The startup's technology focuses on compressing neural networks to function effectively on portable devices without relying on cloud-based systems.

  • Apple's upcoming AI tools, expected to be introduced in iOS 18, will likely run entirely on-device, minimizing data breach risks and ensuring faster processing times.

  • Bloomberg's Mark Gurman suggests that Apple may "fill in the gaps" by licensing technology from Google and other AI service providers to enhance its on-device AI capabilities.

  • Datakalab's previous projects include collaborations with the French government and Disney, developing technology for analyzing human emotions through facial recognition and visual data.

  • As the tech giant gears up to unveil its new AI strategy at WWDC in June, this move positions Apple to compete with rivals in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Some other quick developments you should know…

Perplexity AI secures additional funding to fuel global expansion, enhance AI-driven search capabilities, and disrupt the traditional search market with its conversational AI service. The company also introduces Enterprise Pro, offering enhanced security and privacy features for businesses.

United Airlines is integrating AI across various aspects of its operations, from chatbots and pilot announcements to optimizing flight connections. The airline's focus on AI aims to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline processes while navigating the complexities of the airline industry.

Microsoft is making its 'Content Integrity' tools available to EU political parties, campaigners, and news organizations to help prevent the spread of AI-generated deepfakes and misinformation ahead of global elections. The tools allow organizations to add "Content Credentials" to their online content, revealing its origin, creation details, AI involvement, and editing history.

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