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In this issue, we're exploring a range of groundbreaking developments that are shaping the future of AI. From AI at Davos to the decline of cybersecurity funding, we'll uncover the implications, challenges, and opportunities they present.


  • In Davos, AI takes center stage at the World Economic Forum

  • AI Chart

  • Cybersecurity funding sees a significant drop

  • Midjourney from the community

  • 5 Best AI Tools for Public Speaking

In Davos, AI takes center stage at the World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, buzzes with conversations about the ascent of generative AI, as tech giants like Salesforce, Microsoft, and Google display their might. This year, the focus is on refining AI's accuracy for high-stakes sectors like healthcare and manufacturing. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, in a CNBC interview, emphasized the transition towards "formal correctness" in AI models, underscoring the need for higher reliability in AI applications.

Gelsinger pointed out, "You’ve now reached the end of today’s AI utility," signaling a shift towards enhancing AI's precision. He highlighted the importance of trust in AI for critical tasks, from medical diagnoses to manufacturing checks. "Basic prediction, detection, visual language, those are solved problems right now," Gelsinger stated, but he also acknowledged the challenges in proving the accuracy of large language models and the ongoing errors.

Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI, outlined a three-phase AGI adoption process, emphasizing human co-piloting to build trust in AI's capabilities. "You can tell the AI to be conservative for higher stakes until a human co-pilot essentially graduates it to autopilot," Shih explained. This approach aims to make AGI more approachable and less intimidating.

Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI, during a Bloomberg panel, described AI as a powerful productivity tool rather than a job replacement. "It is this incredible tool for productivity... lets people do their jobs better and lets the AI do parts of jobs," Altman observed.

Nasdaq CEO Adena Friedman called the past year "a year of discovery" for AI. She sees 2024 as a pivotal year for activating AI, particularly in updating old code and automating workflows in the financial sector. "This year will be the year of activations for us and for everyone," Friedman stated, signaling a significant leap in AI integration across industries.

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Cybersecurity funding

Cybersecurity funding sees a significant drop

In 2023, cybersecurity startups experienced a sharp decline in venture funding, collecting just $8.2 billion across 692 deals, a notable decrease from 2022's $16.3 billion in 941 deals. This downturn reflects a cooling off from the investment boom of 2021, with companies now adjusting to more realistic valuations and market conditions.

Despite the decrease in funding, the sector remains a priority for investors, particularly for early-stage, innovative startups. The ongoing global cybersecurity challenges, heightened by advancements in AI and geopolitical conflicts, ensure continued interest and necessity for robust cybersecurity solutions. Experts suggest that this recalibration in investment levels is a healthier, more sustainable approach for the cybersecurity industry's growth and evolution.

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5 Best AI Tools for Public Speaking (UNITE.AI)

Yoodli: An AI-driven public speaking coach providing real-time feedback and personalized analytics for various communication scenarios, like online meetings and job interviews.

Verble: An AI speech-writing assistant with a chat-based interface, offering tailored speech crafting and expert insights for diverse speaking engagements.

Gabble: A communication coach app focusing on both speaking and listening skills, providing personalized feedback and real-time AI conversations to enhance articulation and effectiveness.

Virtual Orator: A virtual reality simulator for public speaking training, featuring immersive environments, customizable settings, and integrated recording capabilities for performance review.

Orai: An AI-powered app offering interactive lessons and speech analysis, tailored to improve public speaking skills across different levels, focusing on confidence, clarity, and pacing.

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