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  • Google Gemini is coming to educational institutions

Google Gemini is coming to educational institutions

+ 92% of Indian knowledge workers use AI in the workplace


  • Google Gemini is coming to educational institutions + poll

  • 92% of Indian knowledge workers use AI in the workplace

  • Today’s biggest AI funding, valuations, and acquisitions

  • Tool highlight: Surfer SEO

  • LLM Prompt: Corporate clairvoyant

  • Results from the last poll

Google is bringing its Gemini generative AI to Google Workspace for education users 18 years and older with two new paid add-ons. Gemini for Google Workspace provides access to Google's most capable generative AI models across apps like Docs, Gmail, Slides and more. Google is also adding new data protections for schools.

What to know:

  • Gemini Education and Gemini Education Premium are two new paid add-ons for education institutions to access generative AI in Workspace for users 18+.

  • Gemini Education has a monthly usage limit, while Gemini Education Premium provides full access and usage of generative AI tools.

  • Educators can use Gemini to create lesson plans, grant proposals, summarize emails, create agendas, and bring presentations to life with AI-generated images.

  • Google is piloting Gemini in Classroom with new lesson planning features based on its LearnLM models.

  • Gemini chat is available at gemini.google.com with enterprise-grade data protection and Google's most capable generative AI models.

The introduction of Gemini for Google Workspace in education marks a significant step in bringing the power of generative AI to classrooms. By integrating AI capabilities into familiar tools like Docs, Gmail, and Slides, Google is trying to empower educators to save time, boost creativity, and create engaging learning experiences. As AI becomes more accessible in education, it will undoubtedly transform teaching and learning, giving us personalized instruction and fostering innovation.

Will AI like Gemini in the classroom widen or narrow the education gap between well-funded and underfunded schools?

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Some notable funding rounds, valuations, and acquisitions

Randstad Digital acquired Torc, an AI-driven talent marketplace platform, to expand its digital talent offerings. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Voxel51 raised $30 million in a Series B round led by Bessemer Venture Partners to expand its visual AI model development platform.

Matel, a mobility and energy solutions company, secured $4 million in a Series A funding round led by Transition VC to scale production and R&D.

InstaAstro, an online astrology platform, raised $2.2 million in a pre-Series A round led by Artha Venture Fund to expand its horoscope and tarot offerings.

Cover Genius, an embedded insurance provider, raised $80 million in a Series E round led by Spark Capital.

In other relevant news, venture capitalists in Qatar and the UAE are shifting focus to AI startups, with many of Global Ventures' portfolio companies pivoting to AI to remain competitive.

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A new report from Microsoft and LinkedIn found that 92% of knowledge workers in India are using AI at work, compared to 75% globally. 91% of Indian leaders also believe their companies need to adopt AI to stay competitive. The report highlights employees' strong desire for AI integration in the workplace and the opportunities it creates.

What to know:

  • India has one of the highest AI adoption rates among knowledge workers at 92%, surpassing the global average of 75%.

  • 91% of Indian leaders recognize the need to adopt AI to remain competitive.

  • 72% of Indian AI users are bringing their own AI tools to work (BYOAI).

  • AI expertise is now a top consideration for hiring in India, with 75% of leaders reluctant to hire candidates lacking AI skills.

  • The demand for AI skills has seen a 17% increase from the previous year.

The high adoption rate of AI among Indian knowledge workers and the recognition of its importance by business leaders highlights the transformative impact of AI on the Indian workforce. The growing demand for AI skills also highlights the need for professionals to upskill and adapt to the changing job market. India's strong AI adoption positions the country as a leader in the global AI revolution, with the potential to drive innovation and economic growth

Corporate clairvoyant
Source: Anthropic

Your task is to analyze the following report:


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