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  • OpenAI finally releases GPT Store + ChatGPT Team

OpenAI finally releases GPT Store + ChatGPT Team

+ Perplexity AI valued at $520M

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  • AI online short course by MIT

  • Perplexity AI valued at $520M with help from Bezos

  • AI Chart

  • OpenAI finally releases GPT Store + ChatGPT Team

  • Midjourney images from the community

  • 5 AI tools for resume & CV building

Innovative technologies are revolutionizing business as we know it, and they’re more accessible than ever. But to truly harness the transformative potential of AI, you need to know how and when to use it. And which pitfalls to avoid.

The six-week Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy online short course from MIT Sloan School of Management and MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory explores AI’s business applications and challenges. 

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Perplexity AI valued at $520M with help from Bezos

Perplexity AI, an emerging force in AI-powered search, has recently raised $73.6 million, boosting its valuation to $520 million. This funding round, featuring notable investors like Jeff Bezos, underscores the startup's rapid ascent in the competitive search engine market. Perplexity AI differentiates itself with a chatbot-like interface that allows users to conduct searches using natural language, offering an enhanced, intuitive user experience.

The platform is powered by an array of sophisticated GenAI models, including those from Google and OpenAI. This innovative approach, however, comes with challenges like managing operational costs and navigating issues of copyright and misinformation. Despite these obstacles, Perplexity AI's novel search method, focusing on depth and accuracy, is quickly gaining traction in the tech world.

With over $100 million in total funding and a rapidly growing user base, Perplexity AI is at the forefront of transforming online search. Its ambitious strategy, backed by high-profile investors like Bezos, positions the company not just as a search engine alternative but as a potential leader in redefining access to online information.


OpenAI’s GPT store is finally here + ChatGPT Team

OpenAI has finally launched its GPT Store, a platform for sharing custom chatbots, after several delays. Announced in November and initially scheduled for the same month, the opening was postponed until January. The GPT Store enables creators to publicly share their versions of ChatGPT, enhancing the utility and reach of OpenAI's ecosystem. To date, over 3 million custom bots, or GPTs, have been developed by users, ranging from practical tools to creative applications.

The platform is currently accessible to subscribers of OpenAI's paid tiers, who can create and use these custom GPTs. In an exciting move, OpenAI plans to initiate a revenue-sharing program for GPT creators based on user engagement, although details of the arrangement are yet to be specified.

To maintain quality and safety, OpenAI has established a review system for custom GPTs, ensuring they adhere to brand guidelines and usage policies. Additionally, the company has updated its reporting mechanisms for potentially harmful or unsafe GPTs. The GPT Store is rolling out to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, along with a new subscription tier named Team.

ChatGPT Team, aimed at smaller groups of up to 150 people, offers access to GPT-4, DALL-E 3, and advanced data analysis features. Priced at $25 per month per user (annually) or $30 monthly, this tier ensures user data and conversations are not used for training OpenAI's models. Subscribers can create custom GPTs tailored to their team's needs or explore other GPTs in the store, broadening the horizons for both creators and users in the expanding world of AI chatbots.

Famous fictional buildings designed by famous architects

The Grand Budapest Hotel by Rem Koolhaas

The Death Star by Santiago Calatrava

u/Hysteria54 on Reddit

The Temple of Doom by Denise Scott Brown

The Blade Runner Police HQ by Blarke Ingles

5 AI Tools for resume & CV building (UNITE.AI)

VisualCV: An all-in-one online platform offering a wide range of resume templates, AI-powered resume building, cover letter creation, and online portfolio showcases, complete with resume analytics.

Resume.io: A comprehensive resume builder featuring over 25 customizable templates, multiple download formats, and a user-friendly interface, with additional features like email sharing and resume tracking.

Teal: A unique career growth tool combining an AI-driven resume builder with a job search management system, offering tailored resume creation and effective job application tracking.

Kickresume: Offers over 50 customizable templates and AI-driven content optimization for resumes and cover letters, with flexible import/export options and resume analytics.

ResumeGenius: Provides an AI-enhanced resume building experience with over 50 templates, content optimization for ATS compatibility, and a cover letter builder, along with import/export functionality.

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