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xAI's $6B funding quest and Japan expansion

+ Ukraine unveils AI spokeswoman Victoria

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🌏 xAI's $6B funding quest and Japan expansion
🎙️ Ukraine unveils AI spokeswoman Victoria

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xAI, Elon Musk's artificial intelligence startup, is expanding its operations to Japan and actively seeking $6 billion in funding to compete with Microsoft-backed OpenAI. The company recently introduced Grok-1.5V, a multimodal model capable of processing various forms of visual information, including documents, diagrams, charts, screenshots, and photographs.

What to know:

  • Japan has emerged as a focal point for major tech investments, with OpenAI establishing a new office and releasing a custom GPT-4 model tailored for Japanese language processing.

  • Microsoft has committed $2.9 billion to hyperscale cloud computing and AI infrastructure in Japan.

  • Google is investing $1 billion in subsea cables to enhance digital connectivity between the US and Japan, while Oracle and Amazon Web Services have pledged $8 billion and $15.24 billion, respectively, to bolster cloud computing and AI infrastructure in the region.

  • xAI's expansion to Japan and pursuit of significant funding highlight the intensifying competition in the AI industry, particularly against OpenAI and its partnership with Microsoft.

As xAI seeks to establish a strong presence in the region and secure substantial funding, the competition between AI startups and tech giants is expected to drive innovation and shape the future of artificial intelligence.


Ukraine has unveiled Victoria, an AI-generated spokeswoman who will deliver official statements on behalf of the country's foreign ministry. While the visual component is AI-generated, the statements will be written and verified by human diplomats.

What to know:

  • The initiative aims to save time and resources for diplomats while showcasing Ukraine's technological capabilities.

  • Victoria's appearance and voice are modeled after Rosalie Nombre, a singer and former contestant on Ukraine's version of The Bachelor reality show.

  • To prevent the spread of fake statements, official releases by Victoria will be accompanied by a QR code linking to text versions on the ministry's website.

  • The spokeswoman's first comments will focus on consular services, a currently controversial topic due to the recent suspension of such services for men of fighting age living abroad.

AI tool highlight: Ajelix

Ajelix is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows for Excel and Google Sheets users.

🌟 What it can do

  • AI-assisted formula writing 🧮

  • Seamless collaboration 🤝

  • Multi-language support 🌍

  • Powerful AI-integrated add-in 🧠

  • Keyword-based template generation 🔑

  • AI-guided VBA script writing 📝

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