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  • Google CEO Pichai evades tough questions on AI

Google CEO Pichai evades tough questions on AI

+ EuroLingua project aims to unite all European languages in one AI model


  • Google CEO Pichai evades tough questions on AI search in interview

  • EuroLingua project aims to unite all European languages in one AI model

  • Today’s biggest AI funding, valuations, and acquisitions

  • Tool highlight: Personal AI

  • LLM Prompt: Culinary Creator

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Google CEO Pichai evades tough questions on AI search in interview

In a recent interview with The Verge, Google CEO Sundar Pichai faced tough questions about the company's new AI search from editor-in-chief Nilay Patel. Patel pressed Pichai on issues like potential copyright infringement, the impact on online content, and the spread of misinformation through AI, but Pichai largely evaded giving direct answers.

What to know:

  • Pichai did not commit to sharing data to back up claims about traffic generated by AI overviews

  • He gave a vague answer on when Google would pay for AI training data versus claiming fair use

  • Pichai emphasized Google's search scale when shown an AI summary copying content, rather than addressing it

  • He did not clearly define the role/value of AI summaries or commit to sending traffic to the web

  • Pichai expressed confidence Google will excel at search/ranking but gave no details on how systems will decide

While Pichai acknowledged some of the challenges posed by AI search, he largely sidestepped giving concrete answers or commitments. Google continues rolling out AI summaries despite the known issues of incorrect information and potential negative impacts on content creators and the web ecosystem.

Will the convenience of AI-generated search summaries ultimately reduce traffic to websites and harm content creators?

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Some notable funding rounds, valuations, and acquisitions

Accenture completes acquisition of Udacity, a digital education pioneer in AI and tech courses, adding over 230 people to Accenture's LearnVantage business.

Kudos raises $10.2 million in Series A funding to boost its AI-powered smart wallet services, led by QED Investors.

Overland AI secures $10 million in seed funding, led by Point72 Ventures, to accelerate development of autonomous vehicle software for defense sector.

Glassbox to be acquired by Alicorn Venture Partners for approximately $150 million, enabling the AI-driven customer intelligence solutions provider to accelerate investment and product growth as a private company.

Yesterday’s news 🥱

Personal AI

The Surfer AI content editor

Personal.ai is an innovative platform that empowers individuals to create their own unique AI model - a digital extension of themselves. By training on your personal data, knowledge, and experiences, your Personal AI becomes a reflection of your authentic self. It can engage in natural conversations, provide personalized insights and recommendations, and even help draft emails or messages in your own voice and style.

With Personal AI, you have a powerful tool to augment your memory, and boost your productivity. If you're ready to explore the cutting-edge of AI and unlock the potential of your own personal digital twin, Personal AI is the perfect place to start your journey.

The EuroLingua-GPT project, led by Fraunhofer IAIS and AI Sweden, has been granted significant computing time on the MareNostrum 5 supercomputer in Barcelona to develop multilingual European language models. With 8.8 million GPU hours on Nvidia's H100 chips, the partners will train models with up to 180 billion parameters based on a dataset spanning 45 European languages, dialects, and code. The first open-source models are expected later this year.

What to know:

  • EuroLingua-GPT is one of the largest allocations for developing European language models on EuroHPC infrastructure

  • Training will begin in late May 2024, with models ranging from 7 to 180 billion parameters

  • The dataset covers 45 European languages, dialects and code, including all 24 official EU languages

  • Multilingual AI language models focused on European languages and values are still rare

  • The models will support research and later be specialized for use in companies and public offices

EuroLingua-GPT is part of a broader EU effort to develop open-source, multilingual AI language models aligned with European values and needs. While progress is being made by various national initiatives, a comprehensive model uniting all European languages remains an ambitious goal requiring continued collaboration.

Culinary Creator
Source: Anthropic

Your task is to generate personalized recipe ideas based on the user’s input of available ingredients and dietary preferences. Use this information to suggest a variety of creative and delicious recipes that can be made using the given ingredients while accommodating the user’s dietary needs, if any are mentioned. For each recipe, provide a brief description, a list of required ingredients, and a simple set of instructions. Ensure that the recipes are easy to follow, nutritious, and can be prepared with minimal additional ingredients or equipment.

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